Our Team

We’re an energetic bunch of animal lovers and caregivers with expertise in safety, health, and all the fun for your pets.


Meet mark carter, the Owner of This Lil Dog of Mine


Welcome, I am the owner of This Lil’ Dog of Mine Pet Services. I’ve had a passion for animals ever since I was a child. I was the kid that would always bring home stray animals, weird critters; always begging my mother to go to the pet store or zoo. As I got older my passion and interest in animals grew. I attended vet summer camps and even joined FFA. After high school I had my heart set on attending vet school in the future. After graduating from Prairie View A&M University with a bachelors in Animal Science, I continued my education at Texas A&M University, where I received a master of science in Applied Ethology with a focus in animal behavior and well-being. After graduating and entering the work field, I quickly realized I wanted to use my experience and education in a different way. I wanted to provide a service to people that they would feel great about using. Since opening This Lil Dog of Mine Pet Services, I’ve gained so much experience and currently hold a CPR certification through Austin Pet First Aid. I’m always working toward making This Lil Dog of Mine Pet Services better for my clients and their pets.


Our incredible pet sitters (AND COVERPET)



Hello my name is Justin Ervin, but people call me JT. I’m originally from San Angelo, TX but I grew up primarily in Austin. I currently have three dogs: Shade is a pit bull, Bosco is a Border Collie mix, and Rico is a Doberman. I’ve also volunteered at the Austin Humane Society. Being around different animals has made my bond more passionate and stronger.



:WOOF: I'm Ore! Mascot and inspiration for starting TLDOM. Like some owners, my dad Mark’s work schedule requires him to be away from home most of the day. Because of this, he often found it hard to coordinate a time to make appointments for me. This left my dad with an unsettling feeling, and it was then he realized that others must be stuck with that same dilemma. Soon after, This Lil Dog of Mine Pet Services was born. My dad's vision was to provide quality services for working individuals and their pets, and ease their feelings of worry. I hope y'all love the services that have been provided. My Dad and his team are the best!



Hello! I’m Ja Vetta, Austin’s native. My family has two miniature schnauzers and I own a shihtzu. I’ve always loved and treated animals like humans. Animals are always dependable and lovable companionship that any person would want and love to have. This Lil Dog of Mine is like animal heaven to me!



Hello, my name is Latrise. I teach Science at a middle school and coach basketball. I love being outside! As a kid growing up I was not allowed to have pets. My current situation also doesn’t allow me the accommodations to care for a pet. To fulfill my own desires to have a pet, I care for the pets of others. I enjoy stepping in as a temporary love provider while owners are away. I’ve been caring for others and their pets for a number of years. I enjoy working with This Little Dog of Mine. They have welcomed me on board and allowed me to join their team of caring, reliable, trustworthy individuals.



Hi, I’m Issac — a native Houstonian, but currently growing to love Austin. I love animals! My family has always had pets and I’ve always loved caring for them. I love the companionship that cats and dogs provide. It’s just something neat about watching and learning how dogs and cats interact with you. I currently do not have any pets, but still consider my family’s dog my own. I wanted to join This Lil Dog of Mine for just that reason, I enjoy pets.



Hi, my name is Joseph Barr. I’m from North Carolina, but currently laying my roots here in beautiful Austin. Growing up, my family loved pets whether dogs, birds or fish. We had them all. I currently have a 3-year old Siberian Husky who is full of life and keeps me on my toes. Over the years I’ve done volunteer work for various animal shelters and occasional pet sitting jobs for local neighbors. There’s nothing like the bond between pets and their owners. I love dogs that are big and full of life, and definitely have to show the little ones love too.