Chicken Sitting

Friendly and affordable Chicken sitting services in Austin, Texas


Cluck! Cluck!

Have your feathered friends clucked their way right into your hearts? Chickens are amazing! They are fun, loving, and provide you with a constant supply of fresh eggs.

The Austin chicken community is rapidly expanding. Chickens are helping Austinites to help reach the city’s Zero Waste goal by keeping food waste out of the landfill. But who tends to your flock when you’re out of town? Well, worry no more, This Lil Dog of Mine is here to help provide your city chickens with the care they need.


Services include:

  • Freshening of nesting box

  • Feeding

  • Monitoring and cleaning water

  • Putting flock up at night

  • Letting them out in the morning

  • Egg Pickup


We will pick up eggs daily from laying boxes to ensure that they are as clean as possible, this will minimize the number of cracked eggs and maximizes freshness. We will wash and package eggs per request.

Your flock will receive love, care and plenty of TLC. You will return to a happy flock.

Each visit will include the following service: A daily 30 – 45 minute or a every other day visit, feeding, changing drinking water, egg pick up and storage, and allowing your chickens time to stretch their legs.